Venue 場地: 燒烤大王 BBQ King– Sai Kung, 西貢 Hong Kong 香港

Date 日期: 9 Jan, 2011

Time 開飯時間: 5:50pm

What we had 吃什麼: BBQ Buffet 燒烤自助餐

What I think 吃後感: This was a wonderful treat after a pretty tough 4 hours hike. We originally planned to go to the other BBQ site in the area. There were no customers when we got there and the facilities were really undesirable. It was the right choice for coming to BBQ King instead. It’s clean, under cover, spacious, and carried a very wide range of food…raw and cooked. Each type of meat was marinated in different styles. Meatballs were nice. I was happy to have found some squids and vegetables. Grilled tomatoes were awesome. Will definitely come back again. Gota say it one more time…I LOVE BBQ! 😀

Price 埋單: HKD$138 each (no service charge 無加一)


Ratings 評分: 8.5/10