Lamb Feast 為食男女齊嗒喜羊羊

Restaurant 餐廳: Bi Yi Restaurant 巴依餐廳 – Western District 西環, Hong Kong 香港

Date 日期: 19 May, 2011

Time 開飯時間: 9:00pm

What we ordered 吃什麼: 烤羊脾, 哈薩克手抓羊肉, 羊扒, 老虎菜, 熗苞菜, 干扁四季豆, 青椒皮蛋, 涼拌豆腐, 烤土匪雞翼, 牛肉燒餅, 羊肉湯, 羊拐拐, 紅扒駱駝掌, 手撕椒麻雞, 山椒牛肉, 椒鹽牦牛肉, 羊肉餃子, 水煮魚, 虎皮青椒, 鐵板駱駝肉, 芒果酸奶 (勁大杯), 杏仁羊奶凍

What I think 吃後感: We really wanted a whole lamb for this dinner but we only had 10 people confirmed by the time of booking. So, we went for the leg of lamb instead. Somehow, a total of 15 people showed up at the dinner so we could have ordered the whole lamb after all. I guess we will have to try again next time. The leg of lamb was the best dish. The meat was really tender and not too dry. My friends who had a taste of the skin really raved about it. I was also impressed by the sesame boneless chicken. Always loved sesame sauce and this one is very good and not too strong as to cover up the chicken’s natural flavor. I was really full about 4 dishes before end of meal. When the Almond Flavor Goat Milk Panna Cotta was put in front of me, I couldn’t resist but finished the whole thing. Didn’t care if my stomach was gonna explode for the amount of food I stuffed myself in the past 100 minutes! It was absolutely divine! When I come here again, I won’t bother with 烤土匪雞翼, 椒鹽牦牛肉, 水煮魚, 鐵板駱駝肉 and 熗苞菜. Better focus on the whole lamb. 😀 Thank you so much for organizing this dinner my dear friend, K.!

Price 埋單: approx. 每位HKD$220 each (10% service charge 加一)

Ratings 評分: 9/10



8th Anniversary Dinner 8 周年記念飯

Restaurant 場地: Wildfire – Knutsford Terrace 諾士佛臺, TST 尖沙咀, Hong Kong

Date 日期: 17 May, 2011

Time 開飯時間: 6:45pm

What I ordered 吃什麼: House Salad 野火特式沙律, BBQ Meat Lover Pizza, BBQ Pork Ribs 燒焗豬肋骨

What I think 吃後感: Mr. A bought a Wildfire Groupon (pay $75 for a $150 value cash coupon) earlier and we decided to use it for our 8th anniversary dinner. We both wanted the Pork Ribs, I wanted some salad and he added a pizza of his choice. Every dish was really good. Salad was not as sour as last time. Pork meat fell off the bones easy and was tasty but I wanted it to be warmer. Pizza was fresh out the oven so it can’t go wrong at all. It was overall a lovely dinner, especially with the cash coupon.

Price 埋單: HKD$5xx minus $150 Groupon for 2 位[+10% service charge +加一]

Ratings 評分: 8.5/10



1/2 Hainan Chicken 海南雞半隻, Stir Fried Vegetable Pork Neck Meat 豬頸肉炒菜

Restaurant 餐廳: Golden Lemon Glass 金香茅泰國菜館 – Hung Hom 紅磡, Hong Kong 香港

Date 日期: 30 Apr, 2011

Time 開飯時間: 7:30pm

What we ordered 吃什麼: 1/2 Hainan Chicken 海南雞半隻($68), Stir Fried Vegetable Pork Neck Meat 豬頸肉炒菜 ($48?)

What I think 吃後感: The Hainan Chicken here never fails. I always like to try different dishes at different restaurants. It is very difficult for me to not order the Hainan Chicken every time I come to this restaurant. It is THAT good! Chicken meat is always tender and full of flavor. Mr. A likes it too because the chicken is boneless. Stir Fried Vegetable is cooked perfectly. This restaurant is blessed with a very good chef!

Price 埋單: approx. HKD$1xx for 2 位 (no service charge 無加一)

Ratings 評分: 10/10


Clear Broth Beef Brisket Flat Rice Noodle 上湯牛腩河粉

Restaurant 餐廳: Kau Kee Restaurant 九記牛腩– Central 中環, Hong Kong 香港

Date 日期: 29 Apr, 2011

Time 開飯時間: 6:40pm

What I ordered 吃什麼: Clear Broth Beef Brisket Flat Rice Noodle 上湯牛腩河粉

What I think 吃後感: Heard lots of good things about this restaurant over the years, but never got around to trying their famous beef brisket…until now. Like many famous restaurants selling ordinary dishes, the portion is considered small for the price. Fortunately, the beef brisket did not disappoint! It was so tender, juicy and full of wonderful flavor! I would totally have an encore if I wasn’t trying to keep my weight down! Totally delicious!

Price 埋單: approx. HKD$29(?) (no service charge 無加一)

Ratings 評分: 10/10


Bitter Melon, Beef Cubes with Udon 苦瓜, 牛扒粒炒烏冬

Venue 場地: Home 家 – Hong Kong 香港

Date 日期: 25 Apr, 2011

Time 開飯時間: 8:15pm

What I cooked 吃什麼: Bitter Melon, Beef Cubes with Udon 苦瓜, 牛扒粒炒烏冬

What I think 吃後感: Bitter melon is not for everyone. If you cook it properly, it’s actually not the bitter. The secret is to add sugar while cooking it. I personally find bitter melon a good match with beef. The udon can be served separate, but I’d like a simple 1-dish dinner, so I put everything in the wok for a good stir fry. Cut bitter melon and beef in bite size and you’ll have a more enjoyable dining experience. I suggest the bitter melon and beef cubes stir fried separately before mixing them up with udon. Season with some oyster sauce and there’s a simple tasty dinner!

Price 埋單: approx. HKD$35 for [no service charge 無加一]

Ratings 評分: 10/10

Carrot Tomato Beef Brisket & Tendon Stew 甘荀蕃茄炆牛肋用腩

Venue 場地: Home 家 – Hong Kong 香港

Date 日期: 21 Apr, 2011

Time 開飯時間: 7:50pm

What I cooked 吃什麼: Carrot Tomato Beef Brisket & Tendon Stew 甘荀蕃茄炆牛肋用腩

What I think 吃後感: Walked past my nearby vegetable stall and couldn’t resist the beautiful tomatoes on vine. The best buddy of tomato is carrot. Carrot’s sweetness balances tomato’s sour taste perfectly. Found some fresh beef brisket & tendon in the supermarket and came up with this wonderful dish. It’s easy to cook as well. First, brown the brisket & tendon in a medium heat oiled pan. Add some cooking wine and diced garlic. Chop carrots and tomatoes in chunks to your liking. Boil carrots & tomatoes in generous amount of water. Add a piece of ginger, the browned brisket & tendon and simmer for 1.5 to 2 hours until brisket & tendon are tender. Add a little bit of salt to set the flavor. So delicious!

Price 埋單: approx. HKD$40 for [no service charge 無加一]

Ratings 評分: 10/10

Steamed Sweet Basil Pork Spareribs Over Rice 金不換排骨蒸飯

Venue 場地: Home 家 – Hong Kong 香港

Date 日期: 20 Apr, 2011

Time 開飯時間: 6:00pm

What I cooked 吃什麼: Steamed Sweet Basil Pork Spareribs Over Rice 金不換排骨蒸飯

What I think 吃後感: Saw some sweet basil in the market and couldn’t resist. It’s only $3 for a big bundle. Got some pork spareribs and leftover steamed rice and thought to make a dish out of it. Marinate the spareribs with a little bit of salt, sugar, rice wine, soy sauce, oil and cornstarch. Break the basil leaves by hand to release more fragrance and mix in a bowl with the spareribs. Place the spareribs over a plate of cooked rice and steam for 20 minutes. There you have a simple fulfilling delicious dish. Loved it!

Price 埋單: approx. HKD$20 for [no service charge 無加一]

Ratings 評分: 10/10